Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More excerpts

Song of Sappho 2, My Lady's Service will be released October 14th. When Lady Kate's parents make a match for her, she is horrified to discover that her new bridegroom is very rich and very old. The only person who can calm her fears is her maid, Hannah. Hannah sets out to teach her young mistress how to pleasure herself , but receives more in return than she ever expected.

Excerpt: An excitement uncoiled from Kate’s belly, spreading through her veins like the intoxication of too much champagne. Her limbs felt heavy and yet energized. Her breathing increased. Hannah was feeling it as well, her shapely lips remained parted. They were both enjoying this too much.
First one leg and then the other. Hannah took her time, finding every knot, every muscle. Kate’s breasts seemed to swell within the corset, straining for release. As she breathed harder, her hard nipples rubbed the fabric. She fought the urge to take one out and touch the softness there.
Kate wanted to touch herself, to reach between her legs and stroke the silky dark curls. No, she wanted Hannah to touch her with those clever fingers of hers. Feeling the dampness pooling between her thighs, Kate shifted, letting her legs fall ever so slightly apart.
“My corset.” Her voice sounded thick, far away.
She moved to the edge of her chair, hands on knees to allow Hannah access to her back. Hannah stroked her neck, slipping Kate’s dark curtain of hair around to the front before opening the corset.
Able to take a full breath, Kate inhaled sweet air. The pounding in her blood only increased. She hunched her shoulders, shrugging out of the loosened corset.

Clad only in her chemisette, Kate left her hips on the edge of the chair but leaned back against the cushions of the dressing chair. She was glad to be wearing the French lace trimmed with contrasting ribbon. The midnight blue silk was luxurious and so complimentary against her pale skin. She wanted Hannah to look her fill, aware her nipples were clearly visibly over the tops of the fabric. She parted her legs further, and looking boldly at Hannah’s flushed face she held out a hand.
The little maid was breathing just as hard as her mistress. She took Kate’s hand and walked back around to kneel again at her feet. Kate stroked the girl’s glossy hair. She had never really touched another woman’s hair. It wasn’t greasy like the hair of a gentleman with its pomades and oils, but silky and clean as her own.
Emboldened now, Hannah stroked Kate’s legs, from calf to thigh and up past the lacy hem of her chemisette. Kate bit back a moan. She must be quiet, must not let anyone come looking for them and interrupt this unexpected pleasure. Thank goodness she had locked her door.
Hannah caressed the fragile skin at the juncture of Kate's thighs , carefully avoiding the dark curls. Everywhere Hannah’s hands touched a tingle of awareness remained, lingering on Kate’s belly and hips, until she began to squirm.
“Please,” Kate whispered. “Oh, please. Yes. Touch me.”

Song of Sappho 2: My Lady's Service, Oct. 14th from Musa Publishing

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Cover Art

Musa will launch very soon. I'm excited to be a part of this great company. My editor has been amazing to work with and just take a look at the gorgeous cover art to the right. I think it perfect captures the mood of these stories. Hard to believe how far this series has come from the day I sent an email to the head editor suggest a series of Victorian f/f erotica.

The first story is Lily in Bloom. Lovely widow Lily Winslow isn't happy with her life. She longs for travel and adventure, but lacks the courage to leave her brother's home.  Her brother wants her to marry a local squire, but Lily never liked being married. She especially disliked sharing her husband's bed and believes herself frigid.  When Lily discovers a mutual attraction to her brother's governess, Emmaline, she undertakes a sensual journey which will bring all her dreams within reach.


Oh, Lily, I'm sorry. I took your attention." Emmaline caught my hand, then sucked my finger into her mouth.

The world stopped for me.

Everything fell away except the hot wetness of her mouth around my finger. She held it thus. Slowly she slid it past her plump lips. "Better?" she whispered.

I could only nod. An unspoken longing rose in me to feel those lips again. Not the hard demanding lips of a man, but the tender velvet of a woman's. Barely aware of what I was doing, I leaned forward ever so slightly.  Emmaline must have understood, for she met me halfway, brushing my lips with hers. They were as caressing on my mouth as they had been against my finger, more so, for she delicately feathered her lips back and forth. I experimented with her. I'd never been afforded a kiss like this and caught the back of her neck with my hand, unwilling to let her go.

Her tongue licked along the seam of my mouth and taking her meaning, I opened to let her in. Her invading tongue twined about mine in a sensuous dance. Out tongues mated, playing first in my mouth and then in hers.

I never thought I could enjoy intimate contact that way. I had believed my husband that I was frigid for that was how he made me feel. Cold. Frozen. Under her tender touch I warmed back to life.

I've no idea how long we kissed, but I didn't draw away until I became aware of her hands moving about my body. I broke off in surprise as her hand found my breast. I could feel the warmth and pressure through my gown. Her thumb brushed back and forth across my nipple which grew harder until it strained against the cotton as if seeking her flesh.

"We shouldn't." My words came out slurred and hoarse. I sounded drunk, felt drunk, intoxicated by the sensations.

"Let me, Lily," she whispered, her mouth wet against mine. Her tongue came out to flick my lower lip.
With a groan, I sunk my mouth back against hers. Her hand slipped inside my bodice, giving that greedy breast the touch it desired. Long clever fingers caught my nipple, pulling and twisting it.  Her hand moved from one aching breast to the other.

I sunk my hands into her hair in unbearable excitement. Her braid loosened and fell onto her shoulder, thick and soft, so very soft. Her attention to my breast grew rougher, but it was glorious. I never wanted her to stop.

Lily in Bloom, Coming October 7th from Musa Publishing.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome to Songs of Sappho!

Welcome to my new blog. I'm Marie-Elise Bassett, writer and fan of of F/F erotica, especially in a historical setting. Songs of Sappho is my new series from Musa Publishing. Every two weeks a new, hot story about women loving women will be released from the Erato imprint at Musa. I'm thrilled to be part of this new venture and hope people will enjoy this new series.

What can you expect from Songs of Sappho? As I said, these stories are erotica so they will be hot and explicit, but always with a happily ever after/happy for now ending. I'm too much of a romantic not to believe in love. These are all short stories in the 5-10K range and will be priced accordingly at just .99 on the Musa website. Check back every other week for a brand new story about women finding love and acceptance in Victorian England.

I hope you will drop by the Grand Opening of Musa Publishing and take a look around.

See you there, Marie-Elise