Friday, October 7, 2011

Lily is Blooming today

Lily in Bloom debuted today.  I'm a little too nervous to be coherent. How about I just let Lily speak for herself. Here is a tiny exerpt:

I protested again, but made no move to escape her loving assault. She abandoned my right breast, trailing kisses across my chest to move to my neglected left one. Her hand nudged my hips until I raised them enough for her to slide down my pantalettes. She brushed her fingers through my puff of curls. Her fingers delved deeper, sliding between my thighs to touch my aching slit. I trembled at the touch. No one had ever caressed me there. I hadn't even dared touch myself that way.
"Oh, Lily. My sweet Lily." She stroked my slit and groaned. "You're so very wet, darling. Let me pleasure you.
I'd never been so sopping wet in my life. Juice trickled down my slit to wet the crevice of my bottom. She slid a finger into me and her thumb brushed against my nub. I couldn't answer, could barely even breathe. I just clutched at her wonderful soft hair and pressed against those long fingers of hers.
 A second finger pressed inside. I cried out at the pressure. She had found something in me, a secret place that when she stroked it, ignited my body on fire. I writhed with the joy of it. She increased the pace of her fingers, moving them in and out like a man's cock, all the while making frantic movements with her thumb against my nub.

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